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craig: you're freaking me out doing regis voice. it is too accurate. geoff: i can't stop. i'm out of control. let me look at your eye real quick. got black spots. craig: what do you think that black spot is? geoff: i'll tell you off the air. craig: all right. all right. just whisper it on the air. [laughter] to me that just sounded like -- whisper it again. no! geoff: ok. ok. ♪ [laughter] i'm out of control! craig: you know, let's be honest, you don't get a lot of this on television anymore. [laughter] and it is a shame because these cop shows are excellent.
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geoff: oh, man. that's rich. craig: so we're about 24 minutes to go in the show. [laughter] i'm kidding. i'm kidding. it is about 10 seconds. geoff: nine. craig: oh, wait, wait, wait. we have to thank our guests. geoff: go ahead. craig: we did that, didn't we? well, i think we're -- we're done now. we're done. we can go. i have this itchy thing in my nose. maybe it has to do with the black spots. geoff: or maybe it is the anthrax. ♪
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. you don't replace steve jobs, you don't find another one of him. that's like lightning in a bottle. >> he was the visionary cofounder of a company that revolutionized consumer electronics. tonight steve jobs has stepped down as apple ceo. the question is apple still apple without steve? >> they just told us you guys have to get out. you know, this can pop, this
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can explode and we ran out and got everything that we could. >> thousands of homes evacuated. a fire so tricky, a special team had to be flown in to put it out. what firefighters did to make that job even harder. >> good evening. >> and i'm dana king a. silicon valley giant calls it quits. steve jobs says he can no longer do the job. >> we have team coverage tonight. linda yee on the announcement that sent shock waves through the tech world and what it means for the company and consumers. we begin tonight with kit at apple headquarters in cupertino. >> reporter: the resignation letter went public at 3:30. steve jobs said he can no longer fulfill the duties as ceo. here at apple's campus, the news went viral and all the employees knew within the minutes it was long awaited, long expected, but a shock nonetheless. the apple employees that were talking at the company's headquarters had nothing but nice things to say.
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>> he's a good guy. a good boss. a very good company. >> oh, wish him the best. he deserves it. >> steve jobs was last seen in public back in june. coming back briefly from medical leave looking thin and gaunt. he didn't seem to miss a beat. no other ceo is aligned with a company's brand quite like jobs which begs the question, is apple still apple without steve? >> you don't replace steve jobs. you don't find another one of him. that's like lightning in a bottle. you must now bring together a team that can close that void. that's a tough one. it's a different game at that point. >> before there was this -- >> the iphone 3g. >> there was this. >> presented the first mac in 1984. at the time, hardly anyone noticed, but it was a model for success that would define an era. jobs alone on stage guiding the apple ship against golioth.
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>> we have to let go of a few things. we have to let go of the notion that for apple to win, microsoft has to lose. >> reassuring investors during unprofitable years in the early 90s. >> if you're an apple employee and you want apple to succeed, then you want someone to give you good news. >> and laying out a vision for a new kind of tech company. >> we are fundamentally changing the way we do business without losing sight of why we do business. >> year after year, clad and the iconic jeans and black t- shirt, jobs rolled out an arse arsenal of technology. >> every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. >> jobs ushered in the age of the smart phone and with every new apple product, another mountain of cash. >> 4,000lates. >> tim cook has been named the new ceo. he proved he can build high quality products and ship them
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out on time. apple's short-term plan is solid, but beyond that, the company needs another visionary. >> i don't think apple can be the same a year or two from now. they will start to vary and veer in some way. someone has to run that company. there has to be new leadership and in this business, you don't come in to run a company to babysit it and carry out what steve used to do. that's a formula for disaster. you need vision. >> and stock prices now trading down 5% in afterhours trading, the big test will come tomorrow morning on wall street at the opening bell. >> all right kit is live in cupertino. we are going to go to linda yee who is standing by with reaction from the apple faithful. the customers, right linda? >> well that's for sure. some people called jobs the soul of the company, the genius of the tech world. now that he's gone, will apple fans stay loyal? he's as iconic as his company symbol and steve jobs
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decisioned to step aside has stunned legions of apple addicts. >> oh no. >> carlos is the ultimate apple consumer. he is carrying his apple mac book, ipad, and of course an iphone. now he is not so sure if he could be as quick to buy the next cutting edge apple product. >> it will make me think about it. i mean, i always thought of apple being steve jobs. so it's kind of, if he's not there anymore, then it's a different company. he is pretty much the brain child and heart of the whole operation. >> but many more of apple's core fans say even if jobs isn't hands on, they'll still buy. >> he's really left his mark on the company. i think they know his vision, his philosophy. i have a will the of faith in apple and its products. >> this is an unbelievable organization and it's a tribute to him and what he created. i don't think this is about one person. >> some admirers are looking at the new leadership. the era parent, tim cook.
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>> i think there's going to be an evaluation discount that compresses because he leaves and a new boss, whoever it is, i think it's tim cook or someone. >> for now. >> has to prove to everybody that he is worthy and probably nobody is as good as steve jobs, right? >> even as apple stock took a nose dive on the stock market, the faithful are still crowding the stores. >> i am a huge apple user. i would never buy a pc, never. >> it that seems to be the sentiment of most of the people we talked to tonight and the buzz out here is when iphone 5 coming out? >> bring on the products, right? linda yee in san francisco tonight. thanks linda. >> nearly 5,000 homes have been evacuated tonight as a propane tanker burns more than a day after that fire broke out. the rail car is burning in the city of lincoln in placer county. specially trained reenforcements have been called in from out of state to help contain those flames. mark is in lincoln with the newest tactic that crews are
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taking. mark. >> well dana, still a very dramatic scene at this hour. take a look. this rail tanker continues to burn within the past couple of hours. crews have actually been on top of that tanker in those flames working on plans plans to extinguish those flames and get residents back into their homes. >> these pictures show this tanker fire which has been burning since midday tuesday, the latest effort to extinguish the flames is what's called a hot tap. it includes cutting through the outer shell and using a special tool to cut through the inner tank, and install a valve and a pipe. the propane will be funneled into an open pit where it will be allowed to burn off. >> initially the plan was to have the hot tapping procedure well underway by now and actually it is. it is going slower. >> lincoln fire chief says the latest problem for the special team from texas, which flew in to stop the fire is all the
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water, which fire crews have been putting on the tank to keep it cool. >> it's a muddy mess out there, so they are having to prep the site so it's safe and effective for them. they have to have good footing to get in and good footing so they can get out. >> hi zoe, good girl. >> while crews work to contain the fire, the residents of 4800 homes within a one mile radius, which have been evacuated are left with nothing to do but wait and hope. >> it's been real rough and it's hot. >> mary winters is one of the evacwees. >> went to the market, i tried to come back 20 minutes later, it was blocked off and i couldn't get in. >> jenny was seven months pregnant and along with her dog and family is also among those staying here at the red cross evacuation center, the police came to her door around midnight. >> they just told us that you guys have to get out, you know, this can pop. it can explode and we just ran out and got everything we
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could. we spent the night in our car last night and we've been here ever since. >> despite the on going fire and the evacuations, the fire chief says this community has many things to be thankful for. >> positive side is, it could have been a whole lot worse. we could have been looking at craters, injuries, death perhaps. a will the of problems. >> back to a live picture here in lincoln. we have just been informed they are going to lift the evacuation orders here in lincoln at midnight. they say that the measures that they have taken so far, including this new plan where they are pumping water into this tank to let the propane burn off, this is working. the fire is going to continue. they are going to let everybody back in their homes except a small couple block area. so things are going well here and a lot of these people are going to be happy to hear this news. >> all right, mark in lincoln, thank you very much. also in the news tonight, an attempted armored car robbery turned into a deadly
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shootout in the east bay today. one suspect died. three other people, including a police officer were wounded. it happened outside of a wells fargo bank in the pinole vista crossing shopping center. julia goodrich shows us how it went down. >> it's scary. here it is going to the store to get breakfast and end up in a robbery. >> witness dare darius johnson was caught in the cross fire. police say two armed suspects tried to rob an armored guard outside wells fargo bank on fitzgerald drive. that's when shots rang out. >> there was a gunfight, so to speak, on the fitzgerald side of the wells fargo bank. >> a female guard was shot and injured in the cross fire. a pinole police officer responding to the incident was shot in the shoulder. one of the suspects was shot and killed. the other suspect tried to flee the scene. >> he was attempting to run
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across the street and all of a sudden i heard a couple shots fired and i saw his body drop to the ground. >> police believe the other suspect somehow managed to drive himself 15 minutes away to doctors medical center in san pablo to be treated for a gun shot wound. >> we believe that suspect was involved in a gunfight prior to pinole police arrival with a member and armed security guard from the truck who was also shot. >> i didn't know what to do. i saw it was away from me. i stay where i was at and i was trying to turn over here and they directed me over here. >> the police officer that was shot had been with the police department for two years. before that he was in the air force. >> he is diligent. he's a school resource officer. he's one of those guys, he is a very large individual, but he has a heart of gold. g while the fbi was called in to investigate, streets were closed off, shopping centers shut down. this couple planning a wedding
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couldn't make their bridal appointment today. >> i'm trying to go to david's bridal to pick out my wedding dress. >> are you able to find the store? >> i don't know. we have to talk to the policeman and see if we can sneak past them. >> the police officer and the armored guard are expected to survive. as for the suspect who drove himself to the hospital, once he is released, he will be sent straight to jail. in pinole, cbs 5. >> it has become a hot button issue for bart. should the agency be able to cut cell phone service during protests? during a public meeting, most board members say the agency should have the power to shut off cell signals during an extreme emergency. they said staff members should be able to do it without consulting the full bart board. they did not say specifically which staffer should have that power, opponents are arguing the tactic violates their free
1:52 am
speech. no decisions came out of today's meeting, but the debate comes after bart cut cell service despite a protest on august 11. >> other bay area headlines now. the mother of a murdered heyward teenager is hoping this new billboard can help find her son's killer. it's on a street and mission in heyward. that's where 17-year-old samuel was murdered may of 2010. it happened when a gunman opened fire into the car that samuel was riding in. striking and killing him. so far, police have made no arrests and have not released the possible motive. the san jose police department is ending its partnership with homeland security after only two months. operation community shield was designed to combat gang violence. some activists worry it would lead to a crackdown on illegal immigrants, but police say the program is ending because it is simply no longer needed. >> coming up, kicked out of
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san jose state even before he shows up for school. why an incoming freshman was booted because he didn't check his e-mail. and a shocking stunt ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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(nats) battles flaired in libya today as they hunted for moammar gadhafi. the opposition is now offering a $2 million bounty for the fallen dictator as well as
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amnesty for anyone who kills or captures him. there is still no sign of gadhafi, but in an audio message, he vows to fight until victory or martyr. the opposition insists it is close to controlling the city. well, a bit extreme, very pointed protest today in the debate over shark fin soup. a warning some of the images are a bit graphic. performance artist was suspended by shark hooks in a downtown store today. she supports a state ban on the sale of shark fins. that's an ingredient in chinese soup. activists say sharks are often left to die after their fins have been harvested. today's stunt sends a clear message. >> because we need to do something to make a strong statement to draw people's attention to things like this. it doesn't hurt as much as it
1:57 am
looks. >> opponents say it's an attack on chinese culture. tomorrow the ban could be put to a vote before the full state senate. a student who had been accepted at san jose university had his college plans derailed because he failed to check his e-mail. high school seniors who have been accepted are required to check their e-mail accounts regularly. after taking his english placement test, he got a notification about taking that test, but since he had already taken it, he didn't check his e- mail. turns out there was a problem with his test and since he didn't respond, he was unenrolled and he will not be able to reenroll until his junior year. >> we're going to check your weather right now. lawrence is standing by with a look ahead. lawrence. >> yeah, guys. looks like we have changes in the works. low clouds and fog starting to spread on shore. we have drizzle. some dense fog, too.
1:58 am
a cooldown, probably the next couple of days here. but still, we are going to see mostly sunny skies by the afternoon inland and temperatures warm to hot in spots. 80s, even low 90s as you getted in the bay. by the afternoon, some sunshine. 70s and 80s and some 60s toward the coastline. a better part of the day. so right now, still some mild temperatures. 68 degrees there, but the fog moving into san francisco. 56 and a pretty good breeze developing right now. that's carrying fog into the bay. still a shallow marine layer. but high pressure weakening and will do so for the next couple of days. temperatures coming down. will be cooler in the bay area for the next two and as we get into the weekend, we're looking good as high pressure starts to build in. tomorrow, the temperatures are going to come down. about 81 degrees in san jose. 72 and sunny in oakland by the afternoon. about 77 in san rafael. 91 one of the hot spots and 89 degrees in liver more. next couple days, temperatures
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drop off just a bit. as we head in toward the weekend, high pressure starts to build back in. 90s become common and i think as we head in towards sunday, offshore wind kicks in, that may clear out the clouds, nice temperatures out at the beaches. that's a look at weather. we'll have more news and sports when ,,,,,,,,,,
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can so a profootball team is one unit with one enormous salary. can somebody please explain how the nfl salary cap works? that's tonight's good question.
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>> every player that suits up for an nfl team has to sign a contract before they even step on the field. >> touchdown raiders. >> right now in training camp, all the players, you have to have 51 players that count toward your cap. >> the cap. more formally known as the salary cap. that's the total sum of all your player's salaries for that year. raiders head coach says he thinks it made the nfl very competitive. >> it levels the playing field for all the teams. here's the number you must be at. you can't be a dollar over it. >> when it went into effect in the 1994 season, the cap was only $34.7 million. it peaked in the 2009 season at $128 million and has since dropped to $120 million with the 2011 nfl labor agreement. here's where it gets creative.
2:02 am
it doesn't include signing bonuses until the player is actually paid that money. bonuses or the guaranteed money can be stretched out for years. players and their agents know that. >> most players want to know about the guaranteed money. that's what is important to them because that means that's the money they are getting. but you can spread that money out to count towards the cap over a number of years. >> go to click on connect to send me your good questions. the giants may be on the verge of acquiring a new closer. i'm dennis o'donnell and carlos beltran, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giants claimed padres closer heath bell off waivers..they well the closer, brian wilson, out with a sore elbow. the giants claimed padres closer fell off waivers. they have 48 hours to work out a trade. what does bell think? >> i got thrown a waiver. giants claim me, but there's nothing done. so there's no fact to anything. >> not yet. barry bonds wondering if they'll sign him. tim lincecum had to grind tonight, but he only allowed one run. fans began complaining that carlos beltran isn't paying dividends. he is now. first home run in his giants uniform. 1-0 san francisco. tim lincecum chopped one over jose guzman's head. and that, folks, proves to be the winning run. lune see couple gets his 12th
2:06 am
run and the giants win 2-1. after a six-game losing streak, his team showed up late and said go ahead, skip batting practice. this worked two days in a row now. up 2-0. here comes a couple more runs. dbacks beat the nationals 4-2. so the giants remain two games back in the west. have a gad night cocoa crisp. he beat the bronx bombers with two bombs of his own. a three-run blast into the second deck. he goes 4 for 4. five runs batted in. a's win 6-4. i get a lot of e- mails about how to improve our sports cast. last night this is the first one i got from a tv news anchor. >> i would like to put in a request. i would like to see some little world series highlights. can we see something like that? >> i'll give you a little world series tomorrow night. just for you. >> ask and you shall receive.
2:07 am
montana taking on california. bottom of the 7th. ben walkoff home run. he wins and montana advanced to the u.s. championship game winning 1-0. the kids from hunting -- what? >> do you know what that is? >> that's real baseball. the kids from huntington beach are still alive. give me the top five. joey smashes his home run. the camera man followed it too well. at number four, casey mcgee pops one up. dana, who makes the catch here? which one makes the catch? >> the first baseman. >> who made it? >> third baseman. >> mike, who is on first? >> i don't know. at number three, cocoa -- look, cocoa got two runs and look at him with the glove. absolutely fantastic. and number two, these are look
2:08 am
alikes. justin turner makes the beautiful dive to start the double play. 7-3. number one, what? >> who was on third? >> i don't know. justin morneau. unbelievable. we will be ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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